Why Use A Buyers Agent

Why Use a Buyers Agent

Why Use a Buyers Agent, firstly we need to understand the difference between a buyers agent and a real estate agent. In simple terms a buyers agent is a person who can source property on your behalf and negotiate a reasonable price. Where are real estate agent acts on behalf of the vendor, a buyers agent acts on behalf of the buyer.

There is far more to it than that however and a buyers agent is uisually a  highly experienced person in the property market and has access to property that has not been made available to the general public. this is often through strong relationships with existing real estate agents.  Because the staff at Investate are highly qualified in both financial services and property we have the ability to identify real estate that will give good capital growth and strong rental returns as many of our clients have found out already. We can also source and evaluate potential property developments and manage the entire process for you. Say for example you wished to find a block suitable for sub division. Investate has strong relationships with agents that specialise in this field, town planners who can provide a fast evaluation and builders who can complete the with for you.

So there are many benefits of using a buyers agent but the main question most people want to know is why pay for the services. To answer that simply, lets say your in New South Wales and you want to buy an investment property in the South East Queensland region or specifically Brisbane. Do you know the best locations to buy that will produce the best capital growth and best rental returns. if you read the media you might be convinced to buy in Ipswich or even further out in Toowoomba. These are areas we do not go near and for very good reason. One of our clients who purchased a property in Ipswich has so far lost of $50,000 in value from a property he was told would perform well. Plus he is in a area where people don’t earn so much so nattily he is going to have problems with tenants. Then there’s the fact that so many people have invested in the town on so called good advise that there is a low demand for rental properties.

So if you really want to make money from a property this is why people use a buyers agents. We save you money by negotiating a better price and we make you money buy finding a property that will grow in value. We also treat any property purchased as our own and ensure it is well maintained and rented out. We act as your local representative in the area.

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