Victoria Point Property Alert

Victoria Point Property Alert

Victoria Point Property Alert

Victoria Point has been the focus of some of our most recent and highly successful Brisbane Investment Property builds. The formula to the success is :

  • Only Build on the Peninsular Portion of Victoria Point
  • Build as close to the water as possible.
  • Build High Quality Home

The Reasons

The reason for this is simple, the natural landscape of a peninsular reduces the amount of available land. This increases demand which increases both rent and capital growth.

Build as Close to the Water as possible, if you are going to live near the water then the most common desire is to be as close to the water as possible. There is only so much land close to the water which again creates pressure on the local market which increases both return and capital growth.

Build a High Quality Home that will attract both a wide range of tenants and potential Buyers when the time comes to sell.

We have only built a small number of properties in Victoria Point but all have met this criteria and all have been rented permanently and are growing in value rapidly.

We are about to launch a small number of properties very close to the water in Victoria Point and expect them to sell fast and perform very well.

The Property

We intend to build high quality 4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Homes in a small Boutique Estate.

Price Range

$600K plus

Rental Return

$580 per Week

View Property

Read The Victoria point Strategy

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