Victoria Point Investment Strategy

Victoria Point Investment Strategy

Victoria Point Investment Strategy. There  is an opportunity to purchase a waterfront property in the suburb of Victoria Point. I have built one property here already with the customer making in excess of over $70,000 in a very short period of time.

This page will explain the theory that has gone into this location and why it is being recommended.

Victoria Point is a Bay Side suburb in the Redlands Bay Area. It is about 30 kilomters to Brisbane.

Victoria Point is going through a growth phase as more people choose to live closer to Moreton Bay as a lifestyle choice rather than locate themselves closer to the city of Brisbane. this is clearly evident from the number of estates that are on the market right now. I have counted over 15 so far and I know of at least another 5. On the map below these estates are marked with a flag.

The majority of these estates are set back from the water and the Bay and I do not recommend buying any investment property in these estates. There are too many and that will hold back capital growth and returns. 

You also need to understand the measurement system I use for Victoria Point and that is Distance from the Tip of Victoria Point.

The actual Victoria Point is a Peninsular that sticks out from the mainland and into Moreton Bay.  It is a very popular area for water activities.

Whilst all the other estates are located back from the peninsular there is an abundance of vacant land that will see development contiue well into the future. Either directly west further into the mainland or south which is heading towards the Gold Coast. Either way there is little to apply pressure to that housing market.

But if you want to live on the Peninsular or actual Victoria Point, you have an area that only has a limited amount of land and that is a very clear indicator of future housing pressure Supply and demand.

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