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Victoria Point Investment Property Recommended

Victoria Point Investment Property in Queensland is one of those areas where there is a high number of new estates being built to taking advantage of the vacant land and cater for the many people in Brisbane who are choosing to live as close to the water as possible and be situated between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The new estates being built are inland of Victoria Point itself and the majority have sold out already which indicates a region of high demand and high demand leads to land values increasing. This is the exact philosophy we employed when we built in Jordana Court. This property increased in value by over $70,000 in 6 months. Why ? simply because land that close to the water and the tip of Victoria Point is in limited supply. It’s a peninsular which creates an natural limitation to the amount of land available. Remember the old saying, “they are not making any more land”.

A new estate has been established closer to the tip of Victoria Point and very close to the water. Only 2 lots were made available to us, one of which has fallen over under the finance clause and is now returned to the market.
Their loss can be your gain as this property will not last long.

Located at Simon Street Victoria Point, this property is with 500 meters of the water where there are parks, walks ways and even a golf club just down the road.

What is going on here that will drive the market.
There are 16 new estates being built around this area but only 2 are close to the water and none is as close as this property is.
Demand is very high.
And the majority of these estates have sold out with properties of similar value to this one.

Cost is $637,000, turn-key so there is nothing more to spend.
Returns, property will rent for $580 per week which gives it a return of 4.7%

Potential, this is the part I am very good at, if you look through my Case Studies you will see that every single property I have ever promoted and built for my clients has increased in value significantly.

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