South East Queensland Population Boom

South East Queensland Population Boom as reported on Sky News this morning and in-line with my predictions for the South East Queensland region, specifically Brisbane where the majority of the employment opportunities are located. It is being reported that there is an influx of people moving to the South East Queensland region for lower housing prices.

South east Queensland is set for a population boom, with new research revealing an extra two million people are set to live in the region by 2043. Bernard Salt has told Sky News the population growth in the states corner can be better managed than Sydney and Melbourne due to the regions sprawling nature.

Being a Brisbane Buyers Agent I have been seeing this in the number of enquiries regarding owner occupiers properties from people in both Sydney and New South Wales and backs up my theory on why Brisbane is still the best place to invest in real estate in Australia.

I am not your average Brisbane Buyers Agent, I hold formal qualifications in Finance, Financial Planning and real estate which gives me a very broad range of experience when looking at the property market. Add to that 18 years experience of  working on the ground in real estate in the Brisbane property market and I should know what I am seeing and talking about.

Whilst the rest of the countries property pricers have been in negative growth now for the past 3 or 4 months, Brisbane property prices remain stable with some very good opportunities for purchasing 4 bedroom 2 bathroom brick and tile homes on 500 meters of land within 12 kilometres of the Brisbane CBD.

Right now Brisbane is in a “Buyers Market Phase” which means the Buyer has more influence over a property sale than a seller. Why, there is a slow down in Lending which is being controlled by the banks, plus a looming federal election always slows the property market down. But that simply means that there are some very good opportunities to purchase property at a good price with a strong return.

One of the biggest indicators of property growth is demand and if you can see this demand before anyone else then you can secure yourself a very strong investment with potential for growth based upon facts. If you are considering investing in real estate then now is the time.

Link to SKY NEWS Story

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