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Brisbane Buyers Agents Negotiation Services are available to people who have found their own property but are unsure of the right price to pay for the home and need assistance with negotiations.

In this particular case, a young couple had found their perfect home but didn’t want to pay the asking price and engaged my services to assist. My first role is to conduct a report on the property and my own valuation and then advise the clients of my findings and agree on a purchase price.

In this case the owners wanted $850,000 and the buyers only wanted to pay $825,000. My own valuation placed the property in the $850,000 range and this was discussed with the buyers and a target purchase price of $830,000 was established and a strategy devised to achieve this.

A very simple 3 stage strategy was developed with a target price set and agreed upon as well as the initial offer, expected counter offer and final offer. Job done.

The process went exactly as planned and the clients were very happy with the final price and the process.

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