Off Market Property Transaction

Off Market Property Transaction

Off Market Property Transaction

An Off Market property Transaction refers to a type of property sale where the actual property is sold prior to it being marketed to the general public. A good real estate agent is recognised as being an agent that achieves a fair price for a property and sells it fast. The fastest way to sell a property is to notify interested parties prior to the property being marketed to the public and offer the property to these people, which would include Buyers Agents. As Brisbane Buyers Agents we have a list of properties that are about to come on to the market supplied my many of the regions best real estate agents.


The advantages of an “Off Market Property Transaction” are a faster sale time and reduced cost of sale to the owner as there is now no need to advertise the property through the normal channels. There can also be significant price savings on the property due to the strength of the contract. If a Real estate agent has full knowledge that there is very little that will stop the contact proceeding to settlement and the terms and conditions of the contract stipulated by the buyer and are appealing to the agent and owner then the factor of reduced sale cost and high success probability often results in a lower but fair sale price. This is where the power of a good Brisbane Buyers Agent, comes in, they should recognise these factors and present an offer that is below what the property could achieve in the normal sales process.


There are no disadvantages to this system of sale, you the buyer still get to conduct your full due diligence and the contract proceeds through it’s normal approval process. There is nothing out of the ordinary with this type of transaction. It is simply a method that gives you access to the properties that have not come on o the market yet which means reduced competition when it comes time to present an offer.

How Do You Access These Listings

The best way to access Off the Market Transactions is through a good Buyers Agent. He or she should have a good number of contacts with real estate agents all over the region and should be receiving notifications of properties that are coming up. It is an integral part of our business and we have saved clients literally tens of thousands of dollars purchasing property in this way.



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