Most SuccessfulProperty Investing System

Low risk

Strong Returns

High Reward

The Most Successful Property Investing System is a method of building a brand new house and land package in unique locations outside of the larger estates. 

The system depends entirely on the land which is either an in-fill block or a small boutique estate. 

Most Successful Property Investing System

The Key

The Land

The key to ensuring your new investment property will grow in value fast is determined by the land and must meet the following conditions:

  • Distance to City
  • or Distance to water
  • Median House Price
  • Value of neighbouring properties
  • Local market housing pressure

It is the land that will increase in value once the property is completed and that is why the selection of the land is critical.

If we identify land that meets this criteria we can guarantee success. 

The Location

The location is critical and must meet our requirements. The first measurement of success is distance to the city, there is no other rule that comes before that rule. However another factor that guarantees success is distance to water, preferably the ocean or in the case of Brisbane, Moreton Bay.

Median House Price

We need to ensure the new completed property is close to the median house price for the area. Preferably below the median house price. 

Neibhouring Properties

The next area we look at is the value of neighbouring homes, if we can build a property for around $500,000 and the properties on either side of our property are valued in excess of $800,000, then the average value of those properties will have a positive effect on the value of our new investment property.

Local Market Housing Pressure

The last piece of the formula is Local Market Housing Pressure and that is measured by the amount of demand for land or houses in the area. But the trick here is to not locate your new property in a suburb that is already under increased pressure as that means the properties have started to move up the property price cycle or are near the top. 

You need to identify suburbs that are going to come under increased market pressure and purchase at the bottom of the price cycle therefore standing to make greater capital growth in the short term. 

The Property

The property is the next consideration and it is imperative that it blends in with the street and the suburb. We have developed a highly successful formula that appeals to a very wide range of potential tenants and buyers for when it comes time to sell. 

Quality is also another very important consideration. It does not cost much more to add stone bench tops throughout a property and add an extra air conditioner and ceiling fans in all rooms. Little touches like that will ensure that the property appeals to a wide range of potential tenants, maximises the return on the property and increases the tax effectiveness.

When it comes time to sell the property, your stone inch tops will still look in very good condition and the extra features we added to the property will ensure our home stands out amount the compeition.



It Works

The system works every single time and has produced some very good results.

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