Investment Property Tax Deductions

Investment Property Tax Deductions

Investment Property Tax Deductions

Here is a list of the deductible items for investment property tax deductions. Maximising your property investment tax benefits will make an important contribution to the profitability of your property investment.

 This is a  simple guide to help you understand of some of the ways you can use your property investment tax benefits to increase your earnings.

Mortgage Expenses

Mortgage Interest is usually your biggest deductible tax expense. As a landlord you can deduct mortgage interest  payments on all your borrowing expenses as well as stamp duty & bank fees. This also includes loans to improve your investment property and interest on credit cards for goods or services related to maintenance  and other rental costs.


Depreciation is the decrease in value of your property’s fixtures and fiƫtings due to wear and tear, and is an eligible property investment tax deduction.


All the insurance premiums you pay for your property  investment  including your landlords’ liability insurance and employee  workers compensation  insurance are legitimate tax deductions.

Maintenance  and Repairs

Maintenance  costs and repairs to your investment  property are claimable. These include body corporate  fees, land tax rates,  gardening and landscape maintenance.  Maintenance repairs can include painting and plastering, plumbing and the replacement of locks or broken windows.

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses related to the management  of your rental property  collection such as the collection of rent and property maintenance are tax deductible.

Agents Fees Any payments  you make to contractors  in the  course of managing your property, including agent’s commissions, are tax deductible

Examples of Investment  Property Tax Benefit Deductions

• Interest  on mortgage  and credit  cards  related  to  your  property  investment

• Depreciation  on  furniture  and fiƫtings

• General  & landlord liability insurance

• Agent fees

• Body corporate  fees

• Maintenance and repairs

• Bank fees & charges

• Gardening & cleaning

• State & local government  taxes & fees

• Office expenses

• Travel

• Agent, accountant  & contractor fees.

To ensure you have this all covered part of the Investate process is to ensure you have the right insurances in place, the right accountant looking after your tax returns and the right property manager ensuring your property is always rented out at the best possible price.

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