Investment Opportunities Brisbane

Investment Opportunities Brisbane

There are a great deal of Investment Opportunities in Brisbane right now as we are seeing a high number of sub divided blocks come on to the local Brisbane Property Market in some very good locations. Add to this the down reduced number of investors in the market right now thanks to the banks lending policies and you can negotiate a very good price for a block of land relatively close to Brisbane. It’s a Buyers Market right now and a very good time to invest in real estate.

There is still no where in Australia that you can purchase a Brand New Investment Property relatively close to the CBD for under $600,000 and return close to 5%. And there is no other capital city with such a stable property market history.  My market prediction for the very near future is for the Brisbane property market to reverse the current trend and start to grow again in value within the next 6 months. This will happen because people will see the high but volatile housing prices in Sydney and Melbourne and turn the attention to Brisbane. Once that happens market pressure will increase and prices will start to rise again. If anything we are at the bottom of this cycle now and it will stay this way till January 2019.

Investate does not source properties in large estates, we utilise infill blocks and boutique states close to Brisbane. This formula is highly successful and has produced positive results every single time and if your are looking to Invest in the Brisbane Property Market, Investate are the best people to ensure you get the best property, We even have a Brisbane Buyers Agent division for those seeking an established property. Click Here

If you want to read more about our Most Successful Property Investing System Click Here

There is one stand out investment opportunity in Brisbane right now and that is Victoria Point. Click Here to View 

That is an exceptional investment opportunity but there are many others we are working on right now and if you would like to find out more just call us on 1300 886 840.


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