Investing In The Brisbane Property Market

Investing in the Brisbane Property Market

Investing in the Brisbane Property Market

If your considering investing in the Brisbane Property Market then you must have is a local Brisbane Buyers Agent like Alistair Kelsall who knows the entire region from many different levels and can guide you with first-hand knowledge. We all know that real estate has a price cycle and if you going to invest you need to invest in a suburb that is on on the way up the price cycle not at the top and this is the biggest mistake made by investors and other Buyers Agents.

The Media

If the media is reporting a suburb is growing in popularity, this is a suburb to avoid. You or your Buyers Agent will arrive to inspect a property along with another 30 people and you are now competing to own that bit of real estate. This drives the property values up till it peaks and the market cools down as most sellers have now sold and the property reaches the top of the price cycle and you do not receive any more capital growth till the next cycle comes which will be in around 10 years.

I have been at these inspections and set a limit to my clients only to watch a professional Buyers Agent play over $10,000 more from the property.  That is not very professional and there is no skill in paying more for a property than you need to and there is no need to purchase a property at the peak of the price cycle. If you get a slight downward movement is values, you have then put your investment at risk.

The Secret

In Brisbane you will often find areas very close to the popular suburbs that are much cheaper and have not had the media attention but will do soon. They are only just beginning to start the upward swing on the property price cycle, these are the properties you buy, these will give you good short-term capital growth and reduce the risk that is associated with any form of investing.

Investing in the Brisbane Property Market Map

This is what a good professional buyers agent should be able to do for you and if they are mentioning suburbs that you yourself have heard in the media then move on and call me. The only way to know the Brisbane Property Market is to actually stand in it, watch it, see and experience everything that is going on and be a part of it. Only then can you truly understand the region the different suburbs and their characteristics.  Only then can you use your skills to locate the future popular suburb.

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