Buyers Agent Saves You Money

Buyers Agent Saves You Money

A good Brisbane Buyers Agent Saves You Money by examining a property you may wish to purchase. There are two levels to this service, a basic property inspection and virtual tour or a full property reporting service. A basic inspection service involves physically inspecting a property you are interested in, providing a full 360-degree virtual inspection and giving the property a thorough assessment. The full service is more suitable to high-end properties above $700,000 where you need a full report, inspection and valuation.

In the example I have used here, the client wished to purchase this property at auction. I completed a full report for here and valued the property at $770,000. There were no comparable sales to show any similar property had achieved an amount higher than this valuation. This is very important in the case of an investment property, however, when it comes to purchasing a home to live in, people are prepared to pay what they have to in order to secure the home of their dreams and that is what can affect the final price.

With this information, we could then attend the auction with a good understanding of the property and its value. We set a budget of what we were prepared to pay for the home and as it was to be a home to live in, that budget was set at $815,000.

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