Brisbane Property Market Update December 2018

Brisbane Property Market Update December 2018

Brisbane Property Market Update December 2018 a Brisbane Investment Property Advisor and Brisbane Buyers Agent report reveals that Brisbane is not only holding up its property values when compared to Sydney and Melbourne, all reports are that it will start to rise in the second half of January 2019. The reason for the slow down is the tighter lending restrictions which have been placed on not only investors but home owners too. The Bank have been making everyone jump through hoops to secure a loan but this will end soon.

I have seen reports showing lending is down 50% compared to this time last year and that is having an effect on the economy and it has to end. Why are we in this situation? Because the banks have been acting in their own interest and the Royal Commission has shown this to be true and they are now worried that it will all come back on them. Crazy mentality but thats a bank for you and if you want my advise, never go direct to a bank, they will structure the finance in their favour and cross sell you to products you don’t need. A good mortgage broker is always going to put you first.

Back to my forecast which comes from 18 years experience in the ground in many areas across  real estate and finance. By mid January the stats will start to show that Brisbane house prices are stable, at the same time you will see a drop or strong talk of a drop in interest rates and you will see the banks being instructed to loosen their lending restrictions.  Those 3 factors which will all happen within the first quarter of 2019 will see a surge in demand for Brisbane Property and that will then lead to a price rise cycle.

Right now Brisbane is in a Buyers Market Phase and if you can borrow money, now is the time to buy. If you want the best investment property in Brisbane then please have a very good look at this property. It has just come back on the market due to the buyers being unable to secure finance.

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