Brisbane Property Buyers Market Phase

Brisbane Property Market to Heat Up

Get ready for the Brisbane Property Market to heat up in the next 3 months as buyers from Sydney and Melbourne target more affordable investments in Brisbane. Being on the ground and looking at property every day I have seen and increase in the number of properties coming on to market as well as an increase in the number of buyers both local and interstate. When this occurs, demand increases and housing prices rise so if you thinking about investing in Brisbane, now is the time to start.

The Brisbane property market is already bucking the trend and leading the market for the first time in more than a decade and even though there has been a shortage of good stock on the market, that is changing right now.

Brisbane is still one of the only capital cites where you can purchase a good property relatively close to the CBD with a budget of $400 to $450,000 and receive strong returns. Some of the best suburbs that are going to perform well in the very near future are:

  • Doolandella
  • Durack
  • Michelton
  • Keperra
  • Banyo
  • Victoria Point
  • Cleveland

These suburbs are currently under valued and are experiencing increases in their local population.

Market prediction has always been one of our strong points here at Investate. Rather than base our target markets on reports from sources like corelogic and, which show what is or what has happened. We make our own predictions based in what we see on the ground and our local market knowledge. Using this method we can identify suburbs that are going to be popular meaning you buy in an area where there is little local housing  market pressure at this moment which keeps the prices down but there are clear indications that the particular suburb is going to become popular and grow in value as local housing market pressure increases.

Remember the golden rule of targeting suburbs and properties, Don’t listen to the media, as so does everyone else and you end up with a very hot suburb with rising prices and you pay top dollar for property and have to wait many years for any further capital growth.

The second golden rule for the Brisbane property market is to not just buy it because it is cheap. There are some suburbs where the demographics and the quality of the property will keep the price down for many years. Suburbs like Inala and Kingston look great on paper but when you know the suburbs like we do, we can show you were to spend the same amount of money to get a better quality property with good returns and stronger capital growth.

The third golden rule is to use a local Brisbane Buyers Agent, why on earth you would use a Sydney Buyers Agent to purchase a property in Brisbane is beyond me, I have watched them pay far too much money for a property just to secure it in a suburb that is under local market pressure. They simply follow the media too.

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