Brisbane Property Market Grows 7 Percent

Brisbane Property Market Grows 7 percent as reported on Sky News this morning, the Brisbane Property market is bucking the trends of the Southern Capitals by increasing in value rather than following the national trend.

As a Brisbane Buyers Agent, I have mentioned many times in the last few months that Brisbane has been in a Buyers Market Phase but that will change soon. Property Investors in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth will soon turn their attention to the Brisbane Property Market and when that happens you will see prices rise again as demand increases.

Brisbane is still one of the only state capitals where you can purchase a very good property for around $400,000, not that far out from the CBD. But you need to pick the right suburb, the Logan region is often targeted by Investors but it is not the place to invest. There are 2 suburbs and only 2 suburbs that you invest in that area.

The same goes for Ipswich, the prices might be good but there is a great deal of vacant land out there that is being developed and this will keep prices low for many years too come as these new estates will reduce demand.

There are a couple of suburbs where you can purchase a very high quality property, less than 10 years, on land over 450 m2 with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dual living areas and less than 12 kilometres to the Brisbane CBD for less than $500K.

Brisbane is the best capital city in Australia to invest in. It’s never had big spikes in values, which means it doesn’t need a price correction like the Southern States. It’s just steady steady growth over many years. But the potential is there for values to increase even further as demand hots up , which we should see after the elections. I you read my last post, it was all about the population boom we are experiencing from people choosing to live in Brisbane over Sydney or Melbourne due to the housing prices.

Thinking on investing doesn’t give you a good return, but if your thinking of investing and want to take some action, you can tell us what you are looking for, your budget and preferences and we will start sending you properties and information. There is no rush or time lim9t to our services which gives you time to learn abut Brisbane, see the properties and wait till you feel comfortable. We are more than happy to have a long term customer who takes their time because when they do decide on a property, they will know it’s the right one.

If you need a very good Brisbane Buyers Agent and want to know the suburbs that are going to out perform the market then contact me, Alistair Kelsall 0405 131 333. I have been working in the Brisbane Property market for 18 years and I will guide you to the right property. Even better, my rates are around 50% lower than any other Brisbane Buyers Agent and you will get a non rushed very personalised service.

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