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Brisbane Property Inspection Reporting Services

Brisbane Property Inspection Reporting Services

Brisbane Property Inspection Reporting Services are available to clients who have found a property but need a local Brisbane Buyers Agent to conduct a physical inspection and provide a report on the property.

Investate will physically inspect the property and provide you with a high-resolution 3d Virtual Tour which can be viewed on any device, anywhere in Australia or the world. This allows you to walk through a property from room to room, examining in close detail any part of the property you may wish too. This is a unique service not provided from any other Brisbane Buyers Agent and is provided at no additional charge.

In addition to this Investate’s Brisbane Buyers Agent, Alistair Kelsall will conduct a full and detailed physical inspection of the property and provide you with a comprehensive range of reports along with a personalised report into the actual property and suburb. We should be able to provide you with enough information allow you to make a confident decision in regards to the purchase of the property.

Service Outline

Physical Property Inspection

Areas Covered
  • Conduct physical onsite property inspection.
  • Conduct basic building and pest inspection.
  • Create 3d Virtual Property Tour
  • Provide RDData Property Report and Valuation.
  • Provide suburb report.
  • Provide our own valuation
  • Provide overall property report and recommendations.


Client based in the USA, looking for a suitable family home to move into when he arrived in Queensland. He has identified a property in the suburb of Moorooka but had questions in regards to the [rp[erty, the suburb and access to Brisbane. The property was inspected with a full 3d virtual Tour created allowing the client to view the property in high. In addition to this, we also created a virtual tour of the street, the local train station and the drive into Brisbane, all via our 3d Virtual Tour System.

As Brisbane Buyers Agents we provided a full detailed report on the property as well as our own and independent valuations. Additional information in regards to the demographics was provided to enable the client to have an understanding of the type of people and families that we living in the area. This was provided in a very personalised format and included a number of phone calls in order to provide the clearest and most accurate representation of the suburb he would be relocating his family too.

Virtual Property Tour Demonstration

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