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Brisbane Buyers Agents Strategies for Success, not a bad house best street is an investment strategy employed by Investate as Brisbane Buyers Agents and this is another fine example of purchasing a property well below the median house price in a street and a suburb. This property is located in the exclusive suburb of the Grange and was purchased for well below $700,000.

The Grange is located less than 9 kilometers North West of Brisbane and would be considered an upper end suburb. The median house price is $942,000 so we have purchased over $200,000 less than the average sales value. In addition to that we have purchased in a very exclusive and private road called Greenway St. This is a ring road that circles the very top of the hill and properties here have magnificent views over the valley. Being a ring road and being on top of the highest hill in the area places limits on the amount of properties that can be accommodated here and that places pressure on this little section of the Grange. Any pressure means growth in value.


As Brisbane Buyers Agents we are not just looking at the property and the suburb, we go further and study the neighbouring properties. As you can see in the aerial shot of Greenway St there are some very expensive homes in this street with renovations taking place and a new home being built. Behind these homes are parks with walking tracks as well as a park in the island area of the ring road, more special features for this purchase.


The skills we employ with this type of property is no different to any other property we as Brisbane Buyers Agents seek when looking for a property. Something Special, we call it and this home definitely has that. Something special means that we are looking for features in regards to a property that make it stand out. If it stands out to us and the buyer, it will stand out to tenants and future buyers.


It’s not hard to see this property being valued above a million dollars in the next 5 years and whilst it may not have the highest rental return due to the type of property, it was purchased with the intent of the owners living in the property in the future.

This type of property selection goes into every property we examine for a client, regardless of the budget or location. If you can find a property that is below the median house price, has something special about it and nestled amongst more expensive properties, it makes logical sense that the selected property has the potential to grow in value and by following these simple guidelines you reduce the risk of the investment significantly.

If you want to achieve results like this then in all honesty the best thing you can do is call us, Investate, you local Brisbane Buyers Agents who have 17 years experience working in the property market and have created hundreds of thousands of dollars in wealth for our clients.

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