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Brisbane Buyers Agents Guide Where to Buy Property in Brisbane. Investing in anything has a level of risk associate with it and just like investing in any other product, there are ways to significantly reduce this risk. As Brisbane Buyers Agents, part of role is to analyse the risk associated with a Brisbane Investment property, ensuring it is in the Low Risk Level.

Investing in a capital city is one of the most surest ways to reduce the level of risk associated with real estate.

There are 3 main regions in South East Queensland, Brisbane which is the capital city, the Gold Coast, about 80 kilometres South of Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast, about 60 kilometers directly North of Brisbane.

Whilst there is a great deal of development occuring in both the Sunshine Coast and the Northern area of the Gold Coast, there is little to drive these markets resulting in a higher level risk rating.  Brisbane however has constant population growth and steady employment. Property prices enjoy steady growth and returns are strong.

Brisbane receives  substantial population growth from people migrating North to take advanatage of the lower housing prices and strong employment opportunities. This influx will not only continue but increase as more and more poeple in the Southern states find it harder to own their own home.

Unlike Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Brisbane has never experienced a spike in the property prices which means there is very little room for a price correction or reduction in values. This is an indictaor of a steady and strong market place.

Brisbane contains a high number of suburbs relatively close to city with comparitviely low median house prices. A percentage of these suburbs are located adjacent to suburbs with much higher median house prices. As pressure on the housing market within these more expensive suburbs increases, it’s  property values increase and become too expensive for many other buyers, they then turn to the next closest suburb and start buying there. It is these suburbs that we target, these are suburbs that are at the bottom of their price cycle but showing clear signs they are on the way up.

We have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity for our clients by simply side stepping the popular areas and targeting the ones that are going to grow.

It is important to not follow the media when looking at potential Brisbane suburbs to invest in. If you have heard a particular suburb is a good place to invest in, then so has everyone else and when you arrive at an open home you will be part of a big crowd who you now have to compete with to secure a good propert. This leads people start making higher offers to secure a home and within 2 to 3 months that surburb would be at the peak of it’s property cycle and will not grow any further for a numnber of years.

It is equlally just as important NOT to simply look for the lowest priced suburbs and houses in Brisbane. Some of these are going to stay that way for a while and is generally associated with the demographics of the area. There is a very cheap suburb 15 kilometers South of the Brisbane CBD, on paper it looks like a good area to invest in, however if you knew the area and the demographics, you would know that you are going to have problems and the growth of the suburb will be stalled for many years to come.

This is why engaging a good local Brisbane Buyers Agent is so important. You need someone who can guide you through the various areas of Brisbane and explain the underlying issues of these suburbs. More importantly, you need a Brisbane Buyers Agent who can identify those suburbs that are at the right point of the property price cycle and ready to move up.

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