Brisbane Buyers Agent Property Inspections

Brisbane Buyers Agent Property Inspections

Brisbane Buyers Agent Property Inspections involve creating a full 3d Virtual Tour which enables you to take a walk through a property  no matter where you are in Australia or the world. The method came about because I was concerned my customers where not seeing as much of the property as they should. When we are investing money in the hundreds of thousands every client should know as much about the property as possible and this is the best system I could come up with.

I have never seen another Brisbane Buyers Agent go to the trouble of producing virtual tours for their clients, they usually come through the house with the Iphone taking videos and pics.

With a Virtual Tour, my clients get a first hand feel of the property and they choose what they want to look at and in how much detail. For instance the property I inspected this morning has some issues with the ceiling, bathroom and kitchen. My client can simply move the camera to where he wants to look and zoom in as far as he wants to go.

This is a very special property due to some outstanding features, it is located about 6 kilometres North of the Brisbane CBD in a suburb that is undergoing a great deal of development.  It’s located about 500 meters from a train station that has you in the City of Brisbane in under 10 minutes. It has dual street access which for development purposes is highly desirable.

The Virtual Property Tours are viewable on any device or phone. You don’t need any app or software, just click on the link I send you and view it at your leisure. If you really want a true 3d experience you can view the Virtual Tour in a 3D headset and real get a feel for the property.

Have a walk through yourself and see how I do more for my clients than any other Brisbane Buyers Agent.

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