Bald Hills Suburb Profile


Bald Hills Suburb Profile, Bald Hills is located 18 kilometres North of Brisbane, Bald hills is an area that is very under valued for being this close to the CBD. With land being scare this side of the Pine River properties here are still well under the Brisbane Median house price.

There is an opportunity to purchase a very good property relatively close to the Brisbane CBD for under 500K with strong returns.

Why Invest in Bald Hills

This area is going to be in high demand in the next 5 to 10 years. It’s a suburb where you can till purchase a very big home relatively close to the city and receive strong returns.

It’s not about how it looks now, it’s all about how it will look in the future and this is one of the few suburbs that is affordable with good sized blocks of land.

Investors are attracted to the area due to properties with land sizes over 800m2 that are suitable for subdivision at a relatively low cost. 



Bald Hills Suburb Profile
Rail Network

Bald Hills has access to a centrally located train station that takes commuters into the Brisbane CBD. Travel time is approximately 20 minutes.

Bald Hills Suburb Profile

Major Shopping Centres

Strathpine Shopping Centre
BrackenRidge Plaza
Chermside Shopping Centre

Bald Hills Suburb Profile
Road Network

The Road Network for Bald Hills is excellent, Gympie Road runs through or right next to the suburb. This road takes you South to the Brisbane CBD, or North to the North suburbs of Brisbane and then onto the Sunshine Coast. Just North of the Suburb os Access to the Gateway Atrial Road Network, giving you access to the airport in around 20 minutes, the city through the tunnel network, the Southern suburbs and the Gold Coast.

Bald Hills Suburb Profile
Bus Network

Extensive Bus network that takes you to the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane, local schools and shopping centres plus into the Brisbane CBD,

Bald Hills Suburb Profile
Local Schools

Norris Road State School Primary
St Paul's School Combined
Jabiru Community College Combined
Bracken Ridge State High School
St John Fisher College

Median Prices

3 Brm Home


4 Brm Home


Average Buy


Median Rents

3 Brm Home


4 Brm Home


Average Rent



Past Quater


12 Month


Average Annual


Whats Happening

Right Now the Northern End of Bridgeman Downs is being developed and sold off at very high prices. 

When this land runs or is too expensive for potential buyers or renters, they will look to the next closest most suitable suburb. That suburb is the Southern end of Bald Hills. Not the most Southern end, just above that. close to the railway network. 

The map below shows the green area, this is the Northern End of Bridgeman Downs, The Red section is the Southern end of Bald Hills which is being developed but there are still good buys in here. The Blue section is a very good area within Bald Hills to purchase an investment property in.  You will get a good quality brick and tile home on a good sized block of land. This location is very close to the train station, schools and the main arterial roads. 

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