Brisbane Buyers Agents leverage off our 18 years experience, access our extensive professional network & save thousands with our expert negotiation skills.


Invest In Brisbane with an Expert By Your side!

Investate provides our customers with a very wide range of Brisbane Buyers Agents Services. From units and townhouses to established properties or brand new spec built investment properties, even dual income properties.

From education, to purchase, settlement to property management, we give you one consistent point of contact so your property ownership journey is as stress-free as possible.

We provide jargon-fee plain English property reporting in a manner that will make sense too you. If you can see what we can see in a property, then you are able to make a very sound, confident decision.

Brisbane Buyers Agents
Local Knowledge
Your knowledge of Brisbane

is very important to us

For this reason we will provide  you with more services than any other Brisbane Buyers Agents. We create personalised maps of Brisbane with suburb and property reports as well as virtual tours and properties from our portfolio so you can familiarise yourself with the area first. 

Brisbane Buyers Agent Services

Complete One Stop Solution...

Brisbane Buyers Agent

Highly experienced and successful Brisbane Buyers Agents services to assist members of the public securing the right property.

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Negotiation Services

Expert negotiation skills, establish strategies designed to secure a property at the right price.

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Property Inspection

Reporting services for clients who need a local contact to conduct an inspection of the property and provide reporting services.

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Brisbane Auction Services

Brisbane Buyers Agents Auction Service for clients who wish to have professional representation during the auction process.

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Property Development

Source property. We work closely with councils and local town planners to enusre the most profitable outcome.

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Property Management

You will be introduced to one of the best property management teams in Brisbane.

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Investment Advisors

Qualified and experienced property advisors with systems developed in conjunction with financial planning practices.

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Building Pest Reporting

Brisbane Property Inspection Reporting Services for interstate or overseas clients who may have found a property and just need some local help. 

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Stranger Dander
Because Your Probably Not

From Around These Parts

In order for you too see as much of a property as possible, we create full 360 degree Virtual Tours so you can walk through a home at your own pace and choose what parts of the property you want to inspect. Viewable on any device anywhere in the world.

Individual reports are generated by hand for each property and the suburb. We provide real examples of current market activity in surrounding areas and outline the predictable positive effect it will have on the property we have selected.

The reports are very simple to read and follow and you will be able to see for yourself the areas of activity we identify and follow the explanation we provide in order to reach your own conclusion.

If what we say makes sense and you can see it for yourself, it’s probably right and you will have a very good investment property.

Additional Services We Provide

Additional Brisbane Buyers Agents complimentary services provided to our clients to ensure they have as much information about a property as possible. 

Brisbane Real Estate Tours

Brisbane Real Estate Tours

Don’t Know Brisbane ? Complimentary Brisbane Property Market tours.

Take advantage of our personalised tour of the Brisbane Property Market and get to see first hand our real estate, the people and the infrastructure. 

Plus invaluable insights into some of our secret suburbs that are set to grow in value in the near future,

Virtual Property Inspections

We bring the property to you, no matter where you are in Australia or the world!

As Brisbane Buyers Agents we provide full 3d Brisbane Virtual Property Inspections for any property we inspect on your behalf. This gives you the ability to inspect a property as though you were there yourself no matter where in Australia or the world you are or what type of device you are viewing it on.

Virtual Property Inspections
Off Market Property Transaction

Off Market Properties

Off Market Properties are properties that are made available to me and have not been advertised or made available top the general public. 

Purchasing a property this way is highly beneficial for all parties involved. The seller will save money by way of reduced advertising costs, the seller will also be saved the inconvenience of having to make the property available for open home inspections and the agent will look fantastic. 

You can save some very good money by utilising this system.

Third Party Services

I will engage on your behalf a number of external professional services to provide you with fully independent property reporting and valuations.

Services Include:

  • Building Inspection
  • Pest Inspection
  • Property valuation
  • Investment analysis
  • Conveyancing
  • Property Management
Brisbane Buyers Agents Due Diligence


A small selection of some of the homes we have purchased.

What Our Clients Say

Brisbane Buyers Agents Testimonials

“Alistair treated our investment like it was his own. He understood our needs as overseas buyers, protected our interests and secured a beautiful property beyond our expectations. Even after the transaction was complete he is assisting us with everything required. Highly recommended with no second thoughts!.”

Brisbane Buyers Agents Testimonial Kostas

Kostas Dimitrs

Dubai, UAE

I highly recommend Alistair. His work goes above and beyond. He is an absolute professional in his industry with lots of knowledge and experience which makes the whole property purchasing process smooth and easy.

Brisbane Buyers Agents Testimonial Mitchell

Mitchell Wainwright

Karratha, Western Australia

“Fantastic service! Investing in QLD while based in NSW was a tough challenge. Alistair made this experience informative and stress free. Not only is he the most competitively priced buyers agent on the market, he took me through each step from start to finish, and still checks in with me after the settlement. Experienced and honest.”

Brisbane Buyers Agents Testimonial Roslyn

Roslyn McCann

Sydney, New South Wales

Case Studies

Brisbane Buyers Agents Case Studies and examples of properties purchased and the stories behind them

Why Choose Us

19+ Years Experience

We would be one of the most diversely experienced real estate professionals in Brisbane.

Formal Qualifacations

We hold formal qualifications in Property Finance, Financial Planning and Real Estate.

Professional Network

Access a vast network of Brisbane property professionals. View properties before anyone else.

Know What Your Buying

We provide a high level of eduction to all my clients in a plain English format that will make sense.

Expert Negotiator

Pay the right price, our negotiation skills and strategies can save you thousand of dollars.

High Level of Service

We pride ourselves on providing a very high level of personal service to all our clients.

Free Property Consultation

Tell Us About The Property Your Are Looking For, Your Goals & Objectives & We will Provide You With a Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation.